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A Radio Station you can tune in to and find The Word of Christ.

Len Doughty
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Len Doughty is your host

KPGC 95.1 was founded by Len Doughty of Norman, Arkansas. The station's slogan, Radio to Live By, speaks to Len's desire to provide wholesome, values-driven, family-friendly programming to local communities.

KPGC 95.1 provides a well-rounded mixture of Christian programs for both children and adults, including music, news, talk, dramatized stories and more. The station is proud to be an affiliate of LifeTalk Radio.

KPGC 95.1 is the only radio station in Montgomery County, Arkansas. Broadcasting from Norman, KPGC's coverage area extends to parts of Pike, Hot Spring, and Clark counties, reaching Oden, Mt. Ida, Black Springs, Sulphur Springs, Caddo Gap, Hopper, Glenwood, Bonnerdale, Amity, Kirby, and the surrounding communities.

KPGC 95.1 is owned and operated by His Will, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Operating expenses are funded through listener support and underwriting by local businesses.

KPGC 88.7

As an affiliate of LifeTalk Radio, KPGC provides a well-rounded mixture of programs for children and adults including music, news, talk, dramatized stories, and more.

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